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Room spray is a fresh way to improve the fragrance of a room or space. It is a liquid that is stored in a spray bottle and can be sprayed into the air or onto fabrics to provide a pleasant aroma. Overall, a room spray can be a great way to freshen up a space and create a pleasant atmosphere.


To use, simply spray the room spray into the air in the desired area of your home. Avoid spraying directly onto surfaces as it may leave a residue. Shake the bottle well before each use to ensure the ingredients are well mixed. Enjoy your freshly scented living space!

Lemongrass and lime

50 shades

Vanilla caramel

Banksia & Bergamot

Champagne & Strawberries

Can be made with another fragrance on request.

Ingredienece- Purified water, Polysorbate, fragrance oil.


Room spray

Bergamot & Banksia: Bergamot & Banksia
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